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    Comments: I'm writing this review both as a thank you to Dr. Weber and as a public service to anyone in need of orthopedic surgery (especially knee replacements).

    I'm a 45 y.o. male who loves physical activity. Unfortunately, the tendons around my knee pull my kneecap a bit to the side, and over the years it wore out the cartilage, so I had to have a partial knee replacement. Another doctor performed the surgery. Six weeks later, I still needed crutches to get around, and my knee constantly popped out of place. The pain was still intense I and couldn't properly rehab. To fix the problem, he wanted to schedule me for an MPFL reconstruction w/ a cadaver tendon. I knew I needed a 2nd opinion, and thank God I ended up with Dr. Weber.

    Dr. Weber performed a revision surgery that modified the knee replacement to align with my anatomy. It's now six months later and I couldn't ask for better results. I can sprint and jump and walk around with ease. Had I stayed with the other doctor, I'm quite certain I would've never regained athletic function in my knee.

    This was my first major medical experience, and it taught me how important it is to find a good doctor, because the truth is that some doctors are more competent than others. Dr. Weber is supremely competent and personable, and has a great staff. I can't recommend him enough.
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