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    Comments: As far as the surgery and its success, Dr. Weber did an excellent job! I had robot assisted knee replacement and was back teaching Zumba in 7 weeks! I am back doing everything I did before more, now without pain. I'm really happy how nice everyone in his office was, particularly his PA, and really pleased with the physical therapist he referred me to.

    I chose Dr. Weber because he was on the list of approved doctors to have insurance cover the knee replacement costs. I told him that when I met him. When he found out I am a yoga and group fitness instructor, he told me I was the perfect candidate for robot assisted knee replacement, not mentioning that insurance would not fully cover that specifically. Because I didn't realize that, I ended up having to pay over $14,000 in bills I wasn't expecting (actually, I'm still paying it off and will be for a long time). I did not do my due diligence to find out if his suggestion would be covered.

    I don't think you can go wrong with Dr. Weber. Just make sure you check with insurance before surgery to make sure you aren't surprised with unexpected medical bills.
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